Moving Forward in Unity

I have been actively involved in my community and working for positive change since returning to Rockingham in 2014. I have always been concerned about the well being of the elderly as well as disabled adults and children. I believe there is room for improvement and workable solutions to improve their overall quality of life. 

As your councilwoman, I want to be an advocate and a voice for the elderly and disabled residents of Rockingham. According to the US Census Bureau; in 2017 18% of the population in Rockingham was 65 or older, and 11.7% was under 65 living with a disability. We have community based programs for this demographic, however I feel there is more we can do for them. I would like to see a geriatric friendly community where our local officials and city employees are able to identify exploitation and elder abuse in its many facets. I would like to see provisions in place for our elderly and disabled that will improve their quality of life through minor adjustments that will ease stressful tasks such as discarding their trash. As a community, we have a duty to help our seniors safely age in place with dignity. My vision for a city moving forward in unity is to create specialized programs at our parks and recreation for our youth living with disabilities, and to ensure our seniors are included in conversations.

As an entrepreneur, the continued growth and economic development of Rockingham is an important issue for me. We have seen many improvements downtown with the addition several small businesses. Now, I would like to see more businesses utilizing the vacant buildings. I moved back to Rockingham from Winston Salem, NC specifically to open my adult day center. As a member of the council, I would like to continue the conversation of "what more can we do" and "what can we do differently" to attract more entrepreneurs to bring their businesses to Rockingham. I learned through my personal transition that vital information is not easily accessible for those looking to move to Rockingham to launch their business. I have several ideas on what we can do to counteract the difficulty that I experienced. 

I am a forward thinker with fresh innovative ideas that I want to bring to the citizens of Rockingham. I am confident that my education, coupled with my life experiences as well as implementing several successful businesses gives me a keen insight into our city. I hope that you will join me in moving our city forward in unity on November 5th. 

Your Neighbor, 

Cameron Wright-Hairston

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